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Teen Religious Education (RE)

Our program aims to meet the unique needs of teens (12+) by providing:

  • Different or extension lessons from the elementary age program to deepen teens' understanding

  • Teen-only space for lessons, socialization, and age-appropriate activities

  • More freedom and flexibility so teens can start attending part or all of adult services

  • Extension activities from adult service for teens to work towards a scholarship (in development)

Please see Comprehensive Religious Education for info on topics covered.


General Format for Teen Program:

  • 11am to ~12pm

  • Sign-in in RE room. With parent consent teen can sign themselves in.

  • RE group joins congregation for first part of service in the sanctuary.

  • Depending on topic and teen they may remain in adult service for part or all of service.

  • Teen may choose to join Joys and Concerns in RE room or go to Teen Room.

  • Depending on lesson plan, teens may join school age group for lesson or be provided a separate lesson or extension lesson in the Teen Room.

  • Lesson presented utilizing a book, video, or other resource.

  • Discussion held on the topic to help teens understand the content.

  • Extension activity may be provided such as a craft related to the topic.

  • Snack available (related to topic when appropriate).

  • Free time (age-appropriate activities in Teen Room, outside).

  • Sign-out. Parents receive hand-out (example) for the day’s lesson and can ask any questions.


Progress Tracking and Incentives:

  • All teens receive an annual tracking map.

  • Teens who follow RE Rules and complete a lesson successfully, receive a sticker to add to their map.

  • For families able to commit to regular attendance for at least 3 months

    • Teen receives 11x14 poster of annual tracking map, displayed on RE wall

    • Teen can make up missed lessons by working with DRE.

  • Teens progress celebrated in sanctuary at end of year.



In addition to weekly lesson hand-outs, enrolled families receive a weekly RE newsletter keeping them informed of upcoming lesson topics and events.


Hogwarts Summer Camp:

Every August (usually second weekend) we hold our famous Hogwarts summer camp. Teens may attend as a regular camper or may apply to be a prefect (camp assistant). This is a great learning opportunity for teens!

Camp has a different overall theme each year and a featured exhibit (e.g., Magical Universe- StarLab from Imagination Station). Kids are sorted into houses and attend themed classes with same-age peers. There is also a featured craft, giant water slide, scavenger hunt in our prairie, movie on big screen, Honeyduke’s Candy Shop, and of course quidditch! It’s a great community event!

Last update 5-8-24

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