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Comprehensive Religious Education (RE)

For school-age children and teens we have a robust program that aims to cover:


  • Basic ethical lessons guided by Unitarian Universalist principles

    • The inherent dignity and worth of all people (see Cultural Education)

    • Importance of justice, equity, and compassion in human relations

    • Encouragement to spiritual growth

    • Free and responsible search for truth and meaning

    • Value of Democracy

    • Work towards world peace

    • Importance of caring for the earth

    • Work to dismantle racism


  • Religious Literacy (includes learning basic history and beliefs, religions may vary annually)

    • Unitarian Universalism

    • Christianity

    • Judaism

    • Islam

    • Hinduism

    • Buddhism

    • Secular Humanism


  • Cultural Education (includes learning basics about the group & historical and current struggles)

    • African American/Black (racism)

    • Jewish (antisemitism)

    • Disabilities/Disabled (ableism)

    • Women (sexism)

    • Arab American (racism, arabophobia, xenophobia)

    • Asian/Pacific American (racism, anti-Asian)

    • Military (anti-militarism)

    • LGBTQIA+ (homophobia, transphobia)

    • Elderly (ageism, elder abuse)

    • Immigrants/Refugees (xenophobia)

    • Undocumented (xenophobia)

    • Hispanic/LatinX (racism)

    • Native American/Indigenous (racism)

    • Veterans (ableism)

Participating students will receive an annual tracking map and quarterly incentives for completing lessons. Students progress will also be recognized and celebrated at the end of the year. 

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Last update 2-5-24

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