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Recent Sunday Services 

Examples of previous services. 

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"Gossip for Good: A History in the Repression of Women's Speech"

Service Presenter: Robyn Perry

The suppression of the speech of women has been a political and social tactic implemented for centuries, if not millennia, in cultures around the world. Join us on this first Sunday of Women's History Month as we explore this subject and how we can use our voices to fight back!


"What It Means to be a UU"

Service led by Tom Edge with assistance from Megan Rancier, Kevin McCluney and Lynn Israel

Join us this Sunday as we joyfully welcome seven (7) new members to MVUUC. But first we’ll share a videotaped sermon given by Rev. Daniel Kanter, senior minister of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, entitled “Five Reasons Not to be a Unitarian Universalist”. We just want to make sure these new folks know what they are getting into before they sign the book! Then we’ll all participate in a New Member Welcoming Ceremony you won’t soon forget!


"Troubled Beginnings"

Service Coordinator: Lynn Israel

Presenter: Philip Park-Thomas

Ever wonder what to say to those who insist on taking the Bible, particularly Genesis, as literal history? This Sunday Philip Park-Thomas returns to discuss some of the sources for portions of Genesis, the role of myth in ancient cultures, and how we respond to literalists. If time permits, there will be some open dialogue. His background is a B.A. in World Religions with emphasis on religions of the ancient eastern Mediterranean. We hope you can join in!


"All We Cannot See"

Service Presenter: Tom Edge

In honor of Black History Month, this week's service will focus on an aspect of African American history that is often ignored in our history classes—the creation of maroon societies, settlements composed of fugitives from slavery. Using this as a starting point, we can think about the ways that different groups of people confront oppression, often behind-the-scenes. Instead of assuming that some groups are doing nothing to challenge their own oppression, we should think of the reasons why some forms of resistance are hidden from view—and from history. 


"The Human Condition"

Service Coordinator: Lynn Israel

Lynn Israel presents a thought-provoking sermon, recorded by the Rev. Sharon Dittmar, regarding the human condition.


"That to Which We Give Thanks"

Service Coordinator: Melanie Stinson

Service Leader: Megan Rancier

When you express gratitude or feel it silently, to what or to whom are you grateful? As UUs, we bring with us a wide array of beliefs and a wealth of possibilities. Where are you in this wide spectrum of beliefs? Join us for an interactive service and discussion about faith and the many paths we follow to find truth and meaning.


"Christmas Eve Service"

Service Presenters: Lynn and Steve Israel, Demetrius Ingram

Join us for a candlelight Christmas Eve service where we will decorate our Christmas tree, immerse ourselves in holiday music, and enjoy readings presented by Demetrius Ingram, and Lynn and Steve Israel. There is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate during this service, followed by refreshments in the social hall. Children and babies are welcome!


"The Longest Night"

Service Presenter: David Love

Service Coordinator: Megan Rancier

This Sunday we will prepare for the Winter Solstice that marks the beginning of winter as well as the gradual return of longer daylight hours. We will explore the meanings and spirituality of this annual event, which is regarded as a sacred time in many cultures and traditions.


"Dreamcatcher: A New History of Christmas"

Service Coordinator: Lynn Israel

Service Reader: Lou Hebert

Service Author: Rev. Davidson Loehr

“Christmas can be a tough time for some Unitarian Universalists,” says Rev. Davidson Loehr, a former

minister at the First UU Church of Austin, TX. “We say UU churches offer a religion for both head and

heart. We say you don’t have to check your brains at the door, but you don’t have to leave your heart

outside either.”

This is a bold boast, says Rev. Loehr, and he worries that the Christmas season always threatens to make

a mockery of it. “After all,” he says, “We know all the supernatural stuff associated with the holiday never happened. Do we dare to tell the truth about Christmas during the Christmas season?"



Service Presenter: Susan K. Rogers

What is priceless to you? Life itself? Memories? Health? A clean restroom on a long stretch of highway? In this season of love, cheer, and gift-giving, let's take a moment to think about the things that we really value and identify those items that are absolutely priceless to us.


"Sharing Our Gifts (Generosity)"

Service Writer: Megan Rancier

Service Leaders: Lynn Israel & Robyn Perry


This Sunday we will explore the "new" UU principle of Generosity with readings and discussion. What are the gifts that our congregation has to share, and how can we use them to cultivate gratitude and hope?


"Beyond Feathers"

Guest Speaker: Philip Park-Thomas

Service Leader: Lynn Israel


Join Philip Park-Thomas on Sunday to consider a viewpoint that challenges the traditional Thanksgiving story. He asks us to consider what it feels like to be made a sports mascot by someone else and the cost of cultural appropriation. He'll conclude with a look at modern indigenous people in the US.


"Embracing the Light"

Join us for a celebration of Diwali, a festival of lights and a symbolic victory of light over darkness as daylight dwindles through the fall and winter. We will also connect this widely celebrated holiday to the new UU principle of Pluralism.

Service Presenters: Megan Rancier & Tom Edge



As we approach another Election Day, it is a great time to think about the ways that patriotism is used—or misused—as we discuss the crucial issues of the day. What do we mean when we talk about "patriots" and "patriotism"? For Unitarian Universalists, how does patriotism fit into a world-view that celebrates the interconnected web of ALL existence, beyond national boundaries? Together, we can begin to think of patriotism as a floor for caring about our fellow beings, not a ceiling.

Presenter: Tom Edge



Halloween is just around the corner--a good time to gather around the fire (in the chalice) and explore the topic of ghosts. Do they exist? Can their existence be proven scientifically? Millions of folks around the world spend hours tiptoeing around haunted places trying to capture voice recordings and photographic evidence. A lucky few are even able to make a career of ghost hunting. Whatever you believe, join us Sunday for a haunting report on ghost hunting with speaker Susan Rogers.

Presenter: Susan K. Rogers


"The Spanish Woman from London, Ontario"

Join us for a fascinating and personal perspective on North American history. Our guest speaker, Phil Park-Thomas, will discuss his family's experiences in Canada and the United States and how policies that promoted European settler-colonization impacted their lives.

Presenter: Philip Park-Thomas


"Reverence for Animals"

We are delighted to welcome Joe Moran back to our speaker’s podium to share his thoughts about how UU’s view their duty to care for creation, specifically as it relates to animals. Joe wrote this sermon two years ago as a submission to the UUA annual Albert Schweitzer Contest. He approaches the topic from four angles. First, how do humans justify their treatment and mistreatment of animals? Second, what is the significance of animals as pets, a source of food and as a species? Third, what have various UUs and UU sympathizers said about the topic? Finally, how does all of this tie in with Albert Schweitzer’s ethical philosophy of “reverence for life?”

Presenter: Joe Moran


"Never Heard of Him?"

Chances are you’ve never heard of G.I Gurdjieff, and yet this inspirational philosopher, mystic and spiritual leader who died in 1949 still has millions of followers all around the world.

Coming all the way from Cleveland this Sunday are a handful of his devoted advocates. Our visitors, representing the Gurdjieff Foundation of Ohio, are looking forward to introducing us to the teachings of this fascinating, extraordinary man, who incited both controversy and devotion during his lifetime.


He traveled the world, looking for answers to his spiritual questions, and used what he discovered to develop his teachings, referred to as “The Work.” Gurdjieff emphasized the necessity to gain and strengthen attention (more modern terminology might be to practice mindfulness) in order to bring about a new relationship between mind, body and feeling.


He established the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man, located in Paris. An interesting and unusual element of his teachings is emphasis on the practice of sacred dances

referred to as “The Movements.” He collected and taught thousands of movements throughout his lifetime.


The music for the movements was written by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann, as well as British composer

Edouard Michael.

MVUUC members Brian Snow, cellist, and Ted Goldman, music director, will perform some of his music.

Presenter: Lynn Israel & Gurdjieff Foundation Members


"Expanding Love Beyond the Binary"

This summer, we began to discuss what we can do as a congregation to support the UUA's larger mission regarding LGBTQ+ rights. During those conversations, many people expressed interest in learning more about gender identities, pronouns, and how these issues fit into our UU commitment to justice. Guest presenter Andelus (Andie) Elwazani will facilitate explorations of self and love as they talk about trans and non-binary identities. 

Presenter: Andelus (Andie) Elwazani



Join us as we celebrate the start of a new church year at MVUUC, and remind ourselves of how much we have to offer one another.   We’re calling this “Homecoming” in the hopes that some of our formers members and friends will drop by.  One thing we’ll be doing a little differently is having Joys, Concerns and Milestones earlier in the service so the children can participate and let us know about the important things in their lives. If anyone has collected water on their summer travels in anticipation of the traditional water ceremony, you may add it to the bowl during this sharing time. 

Presenter: Lynn Israel


"Braiding Sweetgrass"

Transformations can be slow and quiet, or they can be sudden and traumatic. However they come, we must find a way to accept them. Hear what the UUA thinks about transformations and share what you believe during this interactive service.

Presenter: Megan Rancier



Transformations can be slow and quiet, or they can be sudden and traumatic. However they come, we must find a way to accept them. Hear what the UUA thinks about transformations and share what you believe during this interactive service.

Presenter: Susan Rogers

Written by: Melanie Stinson


"Love: The Central Principle"

Bring your creative spirit as we build upon last week's exploration of "love in action" to dive deeper into our beliefs and experiences of love through a fun community art project. What does love mean to you, and how do you demonstrate it to others? Art supplies provided! 

Presenter: Megan Rancier


"Side With Love"

As the UUA discussed changes to its principles during the recent General Assembly, it emphasized one key question: how can we put our love into action? This week's service will discuss the UUA's Side with Love: "a public advocacy campaign that seeks to harness love’s power to stop oppression." As a congregation, this campaign offers an important opportunity to think about our own impact right here in Northwest Ohio, and to identify the most pressing issues in our own community. If MVUUC wants to Side with Love, where should we start? 

Presenter: Tom Edge


"New and Improved UU Principles"

For the past two years, the Article II Study Commission has worked to revise and update the portion of the UUA Bylaws that outlines the Principles, Purposes, Inclusions, and Freedom of Belief that define Unitarian Universalism. This discussion-based service will introduce the "new and improved" Article II and ask congregants to think about how it relates to the goals of our MVUUC community.


"Good Trouble on Champlain Street" by Lou Hebert and Tom Edge

In May of 1934, the Auto-Lite Factory Strike boiled over into violence between the workers and those who wanted to break the union and end the strike. The strike, which lasted from April to June of that year, during the terrible economic and social conditions of the Great Depression, directly led to the formation of the U.A.W., and an unprecedented new era of progress for auto factory workers.


"Mother's Day Reflection" by Tina Jones and Lynn Israel

It's the time of year when we pay homage to the mothers in our lives. As Unitarians, we recognize and honor all types of mother figures. If they helped raise you and nurture you, they're your momma.

Listen to the music that we connect with our moms and hear stories of mothers from your fellow congregants.


"Giving and Growing" By Robyn Perry and Colleen Fitzgerald

As the pledge campaign wraps up, we reflect on what we gain when we contribute towards our congregation's growth


"Strangers or Neighbors?" By Bob Clark-Phelps

We are connected to local neighbors by time and space. We share a street, a school, or a graduating class. Climate science and ecology show with ever-increasing clarity what many faith traditions have taught for thousands of years: we are also deeply connected to people, plants, and animals around the world, and even to generations to be born hundreds and thousands of years from now. 


Our ability to mount a humane response to the climate crisis hinges on our capacity to develop empathy and compassion for these distant neighbors. The Christian parable of the Good Samaritan offers us a vision of hope this Earth Day. Opportunities to take effective action are all around us.


"Celebrations of Spring" By Megan Rancier

As the pledge campaign wraps up, let us reflect on what we gain when we contribute towards our congregation's growth.


"Labyrinth" By Michael Ellison

One of the ancient tools used for meditation and engagement of both body and mind is the walking labyrinth. This single path leads to the center, and unlike a maze, it has no tricks or dead ends. Labyrinths are physical locations, but can also be small enough to carry around with you for use at any time and place.

Michael Ellison teaches us about finger labyrinths and Soul Origami.


"Does God Exist?" By Lynn Israel

This Sunday, Lynn Israel posed the question, “Does God exist?”

It turns out that what Lynn really wanted to find out is, “Do you believe in God?” And, also, what about everyone else? What do they believe? And if a vast majority of people believe strongly in God, should agnostics and atheists rethink their positions?


"Humor and Religion" By Joseph Moran

Fear is a universal human experience. Why do we fear? How can we deal with it? Don't be fearful--come and join us


"Humor and Religion" By Joseph Moran

Fear is a universal human experience. Why do we fear? How can we deal with it? Don't be fearful--come and join us


"Coping With Fear" By Heidi Mayer

Fear is a universal human experience. Why do we fear? How can we deal with it? Don't be fearful--come and join us


"The Great Demotions" By David Love

People have always considered humans to be at the center of the universe. We will reflect on this placement of humankind on a pedestal through the history of scientific advances that demote humans to just another species.


"An Ode to Teachers" By Tom Edge

A faith that emphasizes the importance of life-long learning, intellectual curiosity, and a shared search for truth, must honor the roles that teachers play in our lives. Inside and outside the classroom, who are the people who have taught you? Who has made you the person you are? This service will not only celebrate the teachers we have had, but ask us to consider how and why they had such a big impact.


"Joy!" by Tina Jones

 Everyone loves to feel joy! Listen to Tina Jones share some wisdom about joy from Brene Brown, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Learn how you can maximize your joy potential!


"The 8th Principle in Readings and Action" by Megan Rancier, Shannon Jurca, Heidi Mayer, Winnie Rex, and Colleen Fitzgerald

 This service will share excerpts from Caste (Wilkerson), White Fragility (DeAngelo), So You Want to Talk About Race (Oluo) to inspire ideas and reflections about how to advance the 8th principle in our congregation.


"Bully For You" by Susan Rogers

Bullying is all around us. Why do we, as a society, put up with it? Why isn’t this a major cultural issue? After all, bullying costs time. It costs money. Sometimes, it even costs lives. What is bullying? What are the reasons why people bully others? What is the impact of bullying? How does someone heal after being bullied? How do we address bullying when it happens, and is it preventable? If you (or your loved one) have been bullied or are being bullied, join us Sunday to hear more about this important topic.


"How to Pray Without Being Religious" by Lynn Israel

The Rev. Greg Stewart, former minister at Hope Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, writes, “It is tempting for rational and reasonable adults to consider prayer a big joke.” 

Does the act of praying have any value for those of us who don’t feel religious?  Should it? Can it? What is prayer, exactly?

Lynn Israel will share one of Rev. Stewart’s recent sermons in which he considers the topic of prayer. Listen to see where you fit into the spectrum of opinions on this!


"Teaching Martin Luther King" by Tom Edge
Last week, we focused on our desire to be inspired within our UU faith. As the country once again celebrates the legacies of Martin Luther King, Jr., we will focus on what inspires the people who inspire us. What moves an individual from being a college student and a minister to one of the most recognizable activists in American history? We will look at the experiences and individuals that taught King to become an activist, as well as how we can use his example to teach ourselves today. Amid calls to restrict the teaching of race and racism, how should we teach Dr. King's example? 


"We Seek Inspiration" by Tom Edge
At the core of our shared faith is the desire to find inspiration in different faith traditions, in examples of great people from all walks of life, and in the natural world around us. As we usher in a New Year, it is a good time to ask: what inspires us? How can we find inspiration in a world that often emphasizes the negative? And most importantly, how can we act upon that inspiration when we find it


"Life's Lottery" by Joseph Moran
Joe reflected on the aspects of our lives that fall to chance and how they influence our life's path.



Suicide Prevention
We reflected on joy and sorrow during our service, and hosted a very informative guest speaker from Unison Health about suicide (statistics, risk factors, prevention and more). Below are two resources he provided to us:

NIMH » Suicide

Definitions. Suicide is defined as death caused by self-directed injurious behavior with intent to die as a result of the behavior.; A suicide attempt is a non-fatal, self-directed, potentially injurious behavior with intent to die as a result of the behavior.A suicide attempt might not result in injury. Suicidal ideation refers to thinking about, considering, or planning suicide.

Risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs | AFSP

Something to look out for when concerned that a person may be suicidal is a change in behavior or the presence of entirely new behaviors. This is of sharpest concern if the new or changed behavior is related to a painful event, loss, or change.



The Divine Feminine and Masculine
Discuss and discover the feminine and masculine energy inside each and every one of us.


Magical or Scientific Mystery?
Join Megan Rancier & Melanie Stinson, a retired massage therapist, Reiki Master (teacher) & conscious awareness intention-based transformational energy practitioner for a reflection inspired by the book You are Magical by Tess Whitehurst. We'll share stories of the magical, wondrous, and unexplainable. "We can recognize that we are all energy superstars in a world brimming with energy, auras and the ability to sense them."


The Gift of Sight
Celebrated Bowling Green musican and songwriter, Tim Tegge, joins MVUUC to share his personal journey and his vital work at The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio.


Love Letter to the Library
How do we get stuck in life--to our opinions,egos and habits? How do we let go in order to live more authentically in the present? Join Heidi as we consider these questions by examining the four noble truths of Buddhism.


Letting Go
How do we get stuck in life--to our opinions, egos and habits? How do we let go in order to live more authentically in the present? Join Heidi as we consider these questions by examining the four noble truths of Buddhism.


Where Hope Grows

How do we, as concerned humans, in this time of turmoil and darkness in Europe (and at home), find moments of hope that perhaps someday, life will return to a sense of normalcy. It all seems so dark and gloomy at times. As we learn about the genocide in Ukraine, nuclear saber rattling, and continue to endure the deep political divisions and setbacks at home, it's a daunting challenge somedays to find any light in that darkness. You might not find the consummate answers here, but our presenter Lou Hebert will reveal how and where he finds hope amid the hopelessness.



Join us for a service bridging different spiritual views of this celebration day, and discussing the origins of some of the customs of this holiday.


Maintaining Connections

Join us this Sunday for a personal story about the importance of maintaining connections, something easily forgotten in our modern day lives.


The Wisdom of Silence

Is silence to be feared or is it sacred? Silence seems rare in today's world, but many religions have revered silence over centuries. What can we learn from centuries of wisdom? Join Megan and Heidi as we explore the mystery and sacredness of silence.


Free Will
Join us for a discussion about Free Will.

Attendance is optional... but do you really have a choice?


Guest: League of Women Voters
Come join us and welcome a special guest speaker this Sunday to celebrate Women's History Month and to learn about the history and impact that the League of Women Voters has made here in Bowling Green over the past 70 years.


Mental Health Musings

Listen to a congregant's experience with mental health conditions and learn how he has accepted them as part of his life.


Level Up
Whether you are nostalgic about video games, or can't figure out why some people are, you'll learn how video games have contributed to our culture and the lives of many people during this service.


Compassion 101
What is Compassion? How is this an important spiritual practice? How do we generate compassion for everyone? How do we communicate with compassion when it's difficult? Find out at this Sunday's service.


Lunar New Year
This service discussed Lunar New Year, the history of Chinese Lunar New Year, and welcomed the year of the Tiger.



Join us to learn about Afrofuturism during this week's service. From music to literature (and beyond!). We'll discuss how Afrofuturism came to be and where it's headed, as well as the spirituality of the movement. Featuring a service by UU Minister Heather Janules (delivered by Megan Rancier, and with Tom Edge as service leader), you are in for a treat!


Escapism & Fantasy
Wikipedia defines escapism as "mental diversion from unpleasant or boring aspects of daily life, typically through activities involving imagination or entertainment. Escapism may be used to occupy one's self away from persistent feelings of depression or general sadness." While relying too much on escaping from the "real world" can be detrimental, especially after the past two years, we all deserve a little break now and again. Join us on Zoom this Sunday for a discussion about utilizing fantasy to help us escape and cope in healthy and meaningful ways.


But, Are You Happy?
Join us this week as we explore the significance of community, introspection, and relationships as it pertains to maintaining happiness this time of the year. We will ponder the meaning of our 4th and 7th principles to seek guidance and affirmation on our happiness journey’s by hearing the experiences of one of our congregants on this subject and getting a little help from UU minister Scott Alexander’s fantastic sermon on, “But Are You Happy?” It is our hope that after this service, congregants and friends will leave with a better understanding on why they are happy, and if not, how they can get there.


One Member's Spiritual Journey
Sometimes the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and following expectations can be downright scary. Lynn Wineland will

talk about his journey from Evangelical and Traditional Christianity to becoming somewhat apathetic to religious life, why he left United Methodism, and currently associates with MVUUC.


No Service - Kick back and Relax!


Tired of the materialism of Christmas? Do you find tinsel too distracting? Join us this Sunday to learn about and celebrate Festivus, a popular culture phenomenon and a holiday created..."for the rest of us!"


Guest Speaker: Toledo Jewish Federation
Please join us to hear from the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Toledo. We welcome this guest speaker, who is being gracious enough to present to during Hanukkah. Please help us show a warm welcome to our guest



Zoom Coffee Hour
Sunday Services will be taking a much needed break this Sunday-- but don't worry, you can still meet online to catch up with others!


The "Greek Buddha"
Just in time for Thanksgiving, we invite you to join us for a discussion of pleasure, moderation, and a state of fulfillment. Learn of a nearly forgotten (or perhaps just mis-remembered?) Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who some refer to as "the Greek Buddha". Part history lesson and part philosophical discussion, we hope this service will leave you spiritually sated.


Guest Speaker: Caring Veg Community
Columbus-based organization Caring Veg Community's goal is to make learning about veganism fun, friendly, and accessible. They are invested in total liberation, which means fighting against the oppression of humans and nonhumans alike. They operate with the understanding that the roots of oppressions are often intertwined. 


Remembering Veterans, Imagining Peace
This Sunday's reflection will be delivered by Tom Edge. The service will reflect on Veterans Day-- originally known as Armistice Day-- and how their stories call us to imagine (and help make) peace.


Halloween Service
|Dust off your Halloween costume and come to Sunday service ready for a treat. The topic is “Thanatophobia,” AKA the fear of death. Humans have struggled with the concept of their own mortality for thousands of years. The Celts created an annual festival to ward off ghosts and evil spirits with masks and bonfires and glowing turnips, which we still celebrate today. Join Robyn Perry and Susan Rogers in their efforts to raise the spirits of the MVUUC community!


To Love the Earth
As we return "home" to the sanctuary for the first time since

03/2020, join us for a celebration of our one-and-only home...


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