COVID-19 Plan

The MVUUC board created an initial COVID-19 plan for the congregation on 6/7/21. This plan has been updated on 1/19/22 and will continue to be updated as the pandemic evolves. 


All were invited to be part of the discussion and a number of members attended and gave us invaluable feedback. We did our very best to follow the UUA guidelines for covenantal community.


We spoke at length on this challenging topic and were able to establish an initial plan. The plan has been updated by the board during the course of the pandemic. 


In general the plan is meant to ensure as much safety as reasonably possible for in-person meetings.


Religious Education:

  • Outdoors (Warm Months)

    • RE will run 11am-12pm (rev. 9/7/21)

    • Lessons will be held outside as much as possible.

    • A remote option will be provided. Parents will contact the Director of Religious Education (DRE), prior to Sunday. This will allow the DRE to best accommodate the child's needs on the remote platform.

    • Masks will be mandatory during the lesson component outdoors except for those that have made prior arrangements with the DRE.

    • Masks will be optional during outside playtime.

    • Adults interacting with children outside their household will be required to wear a mask.

  • Indoors (Winter months, inclement weather)

    • When weather dictates RE will be held indoors.

    • Masks will be mandatory when indoors except for children under 3.

    • Ventilation will be improved with use of HVAC system.

    • A HEPA filter system will be used. 

    • Continued sanitation practices will be followed.

    • A remote option will be available for those not able or not wishing to wear a mask.

    • During snack children will be encouraged to remove their masks for a limited time as possible. 


Sunday Services:

  • Outdoors

    • Hold services outside when weather permits.

    • Masks will be optional when outdoors and when not interacting with children.

    • Working on improving set-up for shade and accessibility outdoors.

    • Working on creating an indoor remote viewing area for those needing accessibility and air conditioning.

    • Will continue live streaming for a remote option.

    • Recording will be available post service.

  • Indoors

    • Hold services indoors when weather dictates.

    • Multiple HEPA filter systems will be used during service and when people are in the building.

    • Masks will be mandatory for everyone indoors regardless of vaccination status. Exceptions for children under 3, those that cannot wear a mask due to a disability, and speakers while at the podium.

    • Masks will be optional for speakers at the podium and properly social distanced.

      • NOTE: It is the speakers decision if they wish to wear a mask during speaking at the podium. We ask congregants not to request speakers to remove their masks. Listening devices are available for those with hearing difficulties. ​

    • We are not encouraging singing at this time and request congregants hum instead. 

    • Chairs will be spaced for social distancing but can be moved to participant's social distance desires.

    • A remote option will continue to be provided and participants that do not wish to wear a mask or are uncomfortable with indoor services are invited to join services on this platform.

    • In eating areas (e.g. social hall) congregants will be reminded to keep mask off for as limited a time as possible and maintain social distancing. A HEPA filter has been placed in Social Hall and a second can be moved into area after services.  


Other Meetings (e.g., book club, committee meetings)

  • All activities held at MVUUC will follow guidelines similar to those outlined for services. 

  • Outdoors masks will be optional except for when children are involved.

  • Indoors masks will be required regardless of vaccination status. 

  • A remote option will be provided whenever feasible for these activities. 


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Rev. 1--18-22