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Our congregation is run by and for members. Becoming a member indicates you believe in the mission of MVUUC and would like to actively support the continuation of the congregation. 

Membership is open to anyone over sixteen. There are two requirements to become an official member:

1.) Pledge financial support and/or service 

2.) Sign our membership book

Members Benefits:

- Able to vote on congregational matters

- Able to serve on the Board of Trustees

- Able to use the MVUUC building without a rental fee for "clubhouse" type activities

- Receive the quarterly UU World magazine free of charge 

Pledges of financial contributions and/or service are how we are able to sustain the congregation. 

Financial pledges go towards building costs, staff costs such as our Director of Religious Education, bringing in speakers or musicians for Sunday service, garden supplies, and much more. Every year the finance committee and board draft and propose a budget that is voted on by the congregation by the end of May.  

Service pledges are how we are able to hold quality services, maintain the building, care for members, hold events, and much more!

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