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We are a welcoming spiritual community in Bowling Green, OH that explores together the 8 Unitarian Universalist principles. We embrace acceptance of people with different faith traditions and beliefs as well as from different social and economic backgrounds, races, abilities, ages, and those of the LGBTQIA++ community. We hope you will join us in our search for truth and meaning.





11 AM





"Never Heard of Him?"

Service Presenter: Lynn Israel

Special Music Performance by: Ted Goldman and Brian Snow

Chances are you’ve never heard of G.I Gurdjieff, and yet this inspirational philosopher, mystic and spiritual leader who died in 1949 still has millions of followers all around the world.

Coming all the way from Cleveland this Sunday are a handful of his devoted advocates. Our visitors, representing the Gurdjieff Foundation of Ohio, are looking forward to introducing us to the teachings of this fascinating, extraordinary man, who incited both controversy and devotion during his lifetime.


He traveled the world, looking for answers to his spiritual questions, and used what he discovered to develop his teachings, referred to as “The Work.” Gurdjieff emphasized the necessity to gain and strengthen attention (more modern terminology might be to practice mindfulness) in order to bring about a new relationship between mind, body and feeling.


He established the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man, located in Paris. An interesting and unusual element of his teachings is emphasis on the practice of sacred dances

referred to as “The Movements.” He collected and taught thousands of movements throughout his lifetime.


The music for the movements was written by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann, as well as British composer

Edouard Michael.

MVUUC members Brian Snow, cellist, and Ted Goldman, music director, will perform some of his music.


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