The last two weeks have been focused on science in RE! 

First, we learned about Katherine Johnson, a brilliant African American female mathematician who worked for NASA! We read You Should Meet Katherine Johnson by Thea Feldman. 

Then, we made constellations out of...

Last week in RE we read Anansi the Spider, by Gerald McDermott, and we learned how each of Anasi's six sons helped save his life. 

We talked about how each and every one of us is important (principle 1). 

Then, the children created their own spider with a unique sy...

Last week in RE we read the book Brave Girl, by Michelle Markel. This true story is about Clara Lemlich, a girl who helped organize the largest walkout of women workers this country has ever seen! Her organizing helped the garment workers form a union and get better wo...

Last week we read the story "Lizard's Song," which is about the need for animals (and all living things) to have appropriate habitats and resources they need. Then, the children did a habitat activity, drawing and coloring animals that would match with an environment l...

Last week we did the story "Anger: A Buddhist Story" about how to deal when someone tries to "give" you anger. In the story, Buddha explains that anger is like a gift, and if you don't accept the gift, it stays with the giver--you don't have to accept it!  Then, they m...

Last week in RE we read the book Martin's Big Words, by Doreen Rappaport, which is about Martin Luther King Jr. and the messages he shared with the world. You can read it by clicking on the video below. 

Last week in RE we read the book How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath. We feel better and are able to handle stress and setbacks when our "buckets" are full. We discussed ways to help fill our buckets, and then we wrote notes of affirmation for members of the congregat...

Last week we learned about Kwanzaa in Religious Education, reading the book The Story of Kwanzaa by Donna Washington. The kids then made their own woven mat, called a mkeka, out of construction paper! 

Last week we read "Tacky the Penguin" by Helen Lester, which is about a "very odd bird," who walks funny, sounds funny, and dresses funny. But despite his differences from the rest of the penguins, he is the one penguin who is able to save the flock from hunters when t...

Last Sunday, Sarah Rainey Smithback led an intergenerational service: Yuletide Celebrations. The congregation enjoyed a special performance of 'Joy to the World' from Mimi and Sandra Faulkner and together decorated a tree with popcorn, dried oranges and cranberries to...

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