Feeding the Good Wolf in RE

Last Sunday, children participating in MVUUC's religious education program heard the story about two wolves. This story asks kids to imagine that there are two wolves at battle inside. The "bad" wolf is full of jealousy, anger, hate and resent- ment. The "good" wolf is full of peace, happiness, joy and love. The wolf that "wins" the battle inside is the wolf you feed. The group talked about ways to feed the good wolf. To start, they did 10 minutes of Tai Chi together.

Sarah suggests the following activities at home to reinforce the ideas they talked about:

1. Practice some random acts of kindness. 2. Do more Tai Chi or try out some Yoga. Check out "Cosmic Kids" yoga online, especially their "squish the fish" yoga adventure. 3. Try having a thankful jar. Each day have every family member write down or dictate to someone a good or pleasant thing that happened during the day, or something they are thankful for. At the end of the year (or whatever time period you decide), you will have a great record of wonderful memories!

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