Camp is August 10-14 (Monday through Friday) and will be 100% online this year because of COVID-19.

Opening and Closing ceremonies will be held daily online on Minecraft. We will be hosting our own private server, so campers will not be interacting with anyone outside of camp on Minecraft.  While on Minecraft, the students will be simultaneously on Zoom (for sound and "face to face" help as needed).

House Common Time will also be held daily on Minecraft (in their house rooms!). During House Common time campers experience a multi-age team dynamic. They complete a house service project, complete questions together, and more!

Each child will sign up for one class per day; however, each student will get to sign up for a bonus class (so on one day they'll take both the morning and afternoon session). The class options per day will be announced shortly. Classes are held over Zoom.

The typical daily schedule will be:

9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony (Minecraft)​

9:30-10:00 House Common Time (Minecraft)

Classes (students will choose to take EITHER a class in morning--session A-- OR the afternoon--session B. However, each student can sign up for 1 bonus class during the week, which means that on one day they will have both a morning and afternoon class)

11:00-12:00 Concurrent Class Session A

1:00-2:00 Concurrent Class Session B

2:00-2:30 Closing Ceremony (Minecraft)

Current class and session schedule can be viewed online, but please note we reserve the right to change classes/schedule as needed! Once your child is admitted to Hogwarts, you'll receive an email with class choices!!

Camp Fees:

  • Tuition for campers is $130 for the week.  

  • Each camper will receive a welcome package at least 1 week before camp starts.  This box will contain all the materials they'll need for all the classes they sign up for (parents won't have to gather anything for kids to take classes!!), a t-shirt, wand making supplies and instructions, candy from HoneyDukes Candy Shop, quill pen, and more goodies! 

  • Classes will be on Zoom and they will be recorded and uploaded to the private class page; therefore, if something comes up and your kid can't attend the class they planned, they can still access the video and follow along for the activity!!

  • NOTE: If you want to sign up for BOTH classes for all 5 days, you can do so, but we'll need to charge an extra $50 to cover materials and professor fees. That option will be in the form below.

  • Opening and Closing Sessions, as well as House Common Time (Daily), will be held in Minecraft; therefore, all kids will also need to purchase Minecraft Bedrock edition (Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Fire OS) for $29.99 or the Minecraft Pocket Edition (Android, iOS) for $6.99. The Minecraft fees are separate from camp fees.  

  • Each camper will also need access to a device with high speed internet (pc, mac, laptop, android cell phone, apple cell phone) so they can interact through Zoom and Minecraft. We know this makes it complicated for multiple kid households. If this is the only thing holding you back from enrolling your kids PLEASE contact us and we'll see if we can loan you a device for the week!​