I was born into a Jewish family in Youngstown, Ohio.  The first time I remember questioning my religion was one day when I was walking to Hebrew School. I was in fourth or fifth grade.  I was thinking that I really liked the holidays we celebrated and I liked the family and its closeness.  But my everyday life didn’t feel the same.  It didn’t feel Jewish.  I did not have the vocabulary to explain it.  I asked my mother questions about it but she was quick to say that I should not be asking questions.  


I should just believe what I was told.  My Uncle told me the same thing.  Actually I found that my parents and relatives were very upset by my questions and so I finally just kept my thoughts to myself.  I always enjoyed being with the people at my temple.


After Charlie and I were married and moved to Bowling Green I attended the Temple in Toledo but found that, for me something was missing.  I had no negative feelings about Judaism.  I just felt that the ideas didn’t go far enough.  I began learning more about Christianity and finally I joined the Methodist Church along with my children.  After several years I began to feel again that the ideas just didn’t go far enough.  I had never felt that I had to believe anything I was told so I guess I never really accepted some of the ideas of what I had to believe to be saved.  I had no negative experiences with the religion.  I found that that my ideas did not conform.  I enjoyed the church members and continue to feel comfortable at the church.


In 1992, Charlie and I went to MVUUC for the first time.  We had heard about the Congregation from some BG people.  We felt right at home from the first visit.  I learned that it is good to ask questions and I felt at home with the members.  It is here that I feel not only comfortable with the members but I feel that my feelings and questions mean something and I can express myself openly.  I am very glad to be an active member of MVUUC.


And that is Why I Belong.